Breakfast Seminar: The Sustainable Development Goals and regional growth – Is it possible?

Kl. 09:00 - 11:00

Oslo Region European Office

The sustainable development goals (SGD) call upon governments, businesses and civil society to come together and work towards a sustainable planet, leaving no one behind. Many, if not all regions, are working towards this in one form or another.

A major pitfall exists in that it is easy to fall into when working towards the SDGs are so-called “cherry picking”, i.e. selecting a few goals to focus on while neglecting others. However, in doing so, one might actually end up strengthening one goal, but at the expense of others. Therefore, the 17 SDGs must be viewed as a whole, and it then becomes more clear that they are both interconnected and interdependent.

One of the main questions one might ask, is this: How can a region ensure that they contribute toward the SDGs while at the same time ensuring economic growth? Is this possible, or are they mutually exclusive?

It is therefore important that we have tools to help us analyse and monitor the trends towards the SDGs.
The goal of the seminar is to showcase the tools and best practice exciting to help regional governments to implement and monitor the SDGs.