Are households prepared for a connected future? RELINK start-up conference

Kl. 09:00 - 14:00



Smart technologies and the Internet of things (IoT) pervade society. Even homes have become data-rich “mini-IoT” environments connected to larger digital infrastructures. Security systems, household appliances, smart home hubs and wearables promise seamless services and assistance to users. However, smart devices can also act as “Trojans” that potentially threaten the safety of the home. These opportunities and challenges will be discussed in the RELINK opening conference.

Relink is a research project funded by the Research Council of Norway, IKTPluss 2019-2023). Read more about the Relink project  (in Norwegian).

08.30-09.00 Coffee

09.00-09.10 Welcome

09.10-09.20 Relink: questions and project ambitions
Ardis Storm-Mathisen, SIFO, OsloMet

Looking forward, learning from the past – policies and prospects
09.20-09.40 The European citizen-consumer – rethinking digital competence in the era of IoT?
Antonia Fokkema, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission

09.40-10.00 Will IoT technology actually reshape our future – or is it just another hype?
Dhoya Snijders, Rathenau Institute

10.00-10.20 The human weak link in national security systems
Roar Thon, The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM)

10.20-10.40 Coffee break

Connected people, connected homes – challenges and experiences
10.40-11.00 The home as a data hub – security challenges and commercial pressures
Geir Birkheim, Safe4

11.00-11.20 Safeguarding Home IoT environments – lessons from the H2020 GHOST project
Marios Anagnostopoulos, NTNU

11.20-11.40 Cyber-hygiene at home – lessons from PETRAS IoT research projects
John Blythe, UCL/CybSafe, Petras Research Hub

11.40-12.00 IoT in Norwegian Homes – preliminary findings from Relink survey
Dag Slettemeås, SIFO/OsloMet

12.00-12.30 Panel debate – presenters discuss challenges and opportunities
Moderator: Joakim Valevatn, Norwegian Board of Technology

12.30-14.00 Lunch for all conference participants