A Green Northern European Megaregion

Kl. 14:30 - 16:00


The event will focus on the STRING-region, stretching from Hamburg to Oslo. The region strives to be a globally acknowledged Green Hub and a leading implementer of sustainable infrastructure to combat climate change while improving the lives of the citizens. The purpose of the event is to discuss and define what the forthcoming OECD policy recommendations for the region will need to include in order to deliver on the Green Deal.

Jens Mandrup, , Chairman of the Regional Council Committee for Traffic, The Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark.

Vegar Andersen, Political Advisor to the Vice Mayor for Business Development and Ownership, City of Oslo, Norway.
Helena Holmberg, Vice-Chair in the Regional Developmen Council, Region Västra götaland, Sweden.
Soo-Jin Kim, Head of Urban Policies and Reviews, OECD, France.