The Oslo Region European Office represents the interests of our 17 members in Brussels. Our members are counties, municipalities and universities in the capital region of Norway.

Municipality of Asker

Asker municipality is a new member from 1 January 2021. Asker participates in various international networks and projects in order to share experiences and gain new knowledge in the work of further developing the municipality's services. They are especially active participants in international organizations and networks through their work with the implementation of the UN's sustainability goals.Topics they work with in addition to sustainability, include digitalization, innovation, citizen participation, transport and climate. 

Municipality of Bærum

Bærum is a municipality in Viken County, and it is Norway´s fifth largest municipality with its 122.000 inhabitants. Areas where Baerum works internationally include climate, public service design and co-creation, culture and education and youth. 

Municipality of Drammen

Drammen is located in Viken County, and with its 68.000 inhabitants it is one of Norway's largest and fastest growing cities. Drammen works with international projects related to education and public health. One focus area is mental health among children and young people with an immigrant background.

Municipality of Elverum

Elverum is a municipality located in Østerdalen in Innlandet County. Elverum has traditions for international cooperation, mainly international humanitarian work bilaterally with Namibia. About 10 percent of the population in Elverum are immigrants or first generation descendants of immigrants. 

The municipality has its own strategic plan for international work including five focus areas:

1. Internationalization and change in Elverum. 2. Elverum and international solidarity work and aid. 3. Elverum municipality and Nordic cooperation. 4. Elverum - EEA agreement, EU and Europe. 5. Recruitment, education and integration.

Municipality of Flesberg

Flesberg is part of the Kongsberg region in Viken county. Approximately 2,700 people live in Flesberg, where timber and agriculture are the most important industries. The mountain area in the municipality is a popular tourist destination with good opportunities for winter sports.

Municipality of Hamar

Hamar is Innlandet County´s administrative centre and it is involved in several European projects. The municipality has a strong business cluster within VR / AR technology and gaming, and every year the conference Nordic VR Forum takes place in Hamar. Agriculture and the lumber industry are also important industries. Otherwise, the municipality is concerned with working internationally in areas such as public service design, citizen dialogue, welfare technology and digital learning in schools.

Innlandet County

Innlandet County consists of the former counties of Hedmark and Oppland and is Norway's largest forest county. Innlandet is involved in European networks and projects with the aim of strengthening business and society. The county participates in several of the EU's programs, including Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and Creative Europe. Areas Innlandet works with internationally include bioeconomy, tourism, cyber and information security and gaming technology.

Municipality of Kongsberg

Kongsberg is located in Viken County and has a strong, knowledge-based and international industry supplying high-technology systems and solutions to the maritime sector and other industries. The municipality participates in European projects to strengthen industry, experience-based industry, digitalization and regional development. 

Municipality of Lillehammer

Lillehammer, in Innlandet county, is concerned with issues such as climate change and implementing the UN's sustainable development goals. In addition, the municipality works a lot with digitalization and how to become a so-called smart city. 

Municipality of Lillestrøm

Lillestrøm, in Viken county, actively participates in Erasmus+-projects and is interested in participating in European projects related to digitalization and welfare technology. 

Municipality of Løten

Løten, in Innlandet county, is Edvard Munch's birthplace and forms part of the tourism initiative "Munch's northern route", where the focus is on the association with the world famous artist. The municipality has its own strategic plan for climate and energy, with an annual climate budget.

City of Oslo

Oslo is Norway´s capital and has a broad international cooperation that includes participation in regional and international organizations and networks, as well as bilateral cooperation with cities and participation in EU / EEA projects. 

Foto: Mattias Müller / OsloMetFoto: Mattias Müller / OsloMet

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University

OsloMet actively participates in European research programs, and the EU framework program is important for achieving its strategic goals within research. 

Municipality of Ringsaker

Ringsaker is the largest municipality in Innlandet County and is interested in collaborating internationally in areas such as urban development, public health and food production. 

Municipality of Stange

Stangein Innlandet county, is interested in developing and participatinge in European projects in areas such as digitalization and integration. 

Vestfold and Telemark County

Vestfold and Telemark County consists of the former counties Telemark and Vestfold. The county has an international focus on research and education and participates actively in the Erasmus+ programme. Vestfold and Telemark has also a world heritage site on UNESCO´s list, and participates in European projects related to archaeological digitalization.   

Viken County

Viken works internationally in a very active way and seeks good ideas and solutions to societal challenges by participating in European projects. The international work in Viken will finalize its new strategy in 2021. 

Viken works internationally with many topics, such as; The UN sustainable development goals, education and Erasmus +, future skills, culture and Creative Europe, cluster development, transport (STRING and Scandria Alliance), mental health, climate and environment, public health, digitalization and data-driven entrepreneurship. 

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