Hedmark County Council

Hedmark is the largest county of agriculture and forestry in Norway. Hedmark has a population of 196.000, which is quite small compared to its vast size. Consequently, there are large national parks of untouched wilderness in Hedmark. The largest river in Norway, Glomma, runs through the county’s many forests. Norway’s largest winter sport area, Trysil, is located in Hedmark.

Besides being an active participant in the Interreg cross boarder cooperation, Hedmark is currently focused on:

  • The green transition
  • Bio economy
  • Culture
  • Digitalization
  • Welfare technology


Contact information:

Eva Lundin, international advisor. Telephone: +47 99 11 05 84. E-mail: eva.lundin@hedmark.org

Ole Jørn Alfstad. Telephone: +47 915 61 587. E-mail: ole.alfstad@hedmark.org

Rannveig Finsveen. E-mail: rannveig.finsveen@hedmark.org